CF Postman Bag - Cultural Fusion
CF Postman Bag - Cultural Fusion

CF Postman Bag

Inspired by the Kalahari or San Bushmen of Namibia-South West Africa, the San People forage and fill their leather pouches with berries, wild sour plums and bushmans cabbage.

Beautiful & Innovative in design, the CF collection Postman crossbody has an adjustable sling and a back body outer zip compartment. The body is full bovine leather, with a springbok hide accent flap.

 A marriage of the Grade A Springbok hide ,with highly skilled African Craftsmanship,the Postman Crossbody will bring a unique pop to your outfit.


Dimensions: 18cm W / 23 cm H

 Care instructions:Leather should be kept dry, free of waters, oils and products

Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or florescent lite may alter the colour of the leather.

Gently wipe the springbok hide with a damp cloth, if needed.

Abrasive use may cause hair loss and damage the leather.

Store by hanging the bag in a cool dark setting, or placing the bag in the dust bag provided, PLEASE DO NOT PUSH AGAINST THE HAIRGRAIN when inserting into a dustbag.