Penning a Founder’s Note is a difficult task, due to the sheer amount of areas that need to be discussed. Cultural Fusion has been founded on a simple premise, which is to bring cool African Artifacts, Accessories & Fashion Jewelry to people around the world, whilst uplifting Artisans and Middlemen from the Continent of Africa.
During the due diligence process-before launch-it was evident that my positioning for Cultural Fusion had to be Contrarian, in order to differentiate the Brand and its product offering. An avid follower of Seth Godin, I wanted to create a “Purple Cow”.
Being on the ground in Johannesburg, Africa, for me is the epitome of Cool.
The subcultures that are prevalent-from Pansula’s to Izikhothane’s make this country unique.
Cultural Fusion aims to be a “Purveyor of African Cool” by showcasing not only product, but our Rich Culture, that is dripping with Style and Heritage.
In concluding, Trust in e-commerce is paramount, so rest assured that your purchase will reach you within a few business days. We stand by our promise to ensure that your product reaches you intact-or your money back.
I am at your disposal to discuss anything product related, or to simply say Hi.