Brand Story

Cultural Fusion is born out of a desire to create an online gallery of beautifully curated pieces from the melting pot of talented Artisans on the African Continent.

The shift from Luxury to Craft, has caused shoppers to return to the manner in which products were selected and bought 50 years ago-being less impressed by a brand and the hype surrounding it.

Growing sophistication rather than raw wealth is becoming the main driver of how people consume, shifting luxury spending to craft or brands with craft credentials- Guy Salter.”

Cultural Fusion's mission is to empower the Middleman…

The "FAIR TRADE" movement's stated goal is to achieve better trading conditions and ultimately higher prices that Artisans receive for products. Many of the leading Brands in the Craft Space have built their mission on the ability to go direct to the Artisan in remote areas of Africa. This is applauded, but my Vision for Cultural Fusion is somewhat different.
CF believes that middlemen in Africa need to be empowered. When a piece moves through several links in the supply chain-from Artisan to final buyer, simply put, many mouths are fed. These middlemen are breadwinners to families and the social benefit is almost doubled or tripled.
The social good and sustainability factor of your purchase can be regarded as far-reaching.
I hope my Mission and Vision for Cultural Fusion resonates with you…Happy Shopping.